Bloomberg reported that Apple is going to
secretly develop a new liquid crystal display technology. According to
Bloomberg, in the laboratory that have been established in northern Taiwan,
Apple has been developing a new liquid crystal display technology in secretly,
it is planning the introduction of the new technology in the future of iOS
Liquid Crystal Display Technology
Apple began operating the lab this year as it
aims to make products thinner, lighter, brighter and more energy-efficient that
has been adopted in the current iOS device, it has been to achieve better power
saving performance.
In addition this is a project that
involved 50 people scale of engineers, in order to perform the strengthening of
further development force, through one of the world's leading business-focused
SNS "LinkedIn", and carried out the recruitment of engineers to DisplayTechnology Development. The company can develop the production processes
in-house and outsource to smaller manufacturers such as Taiwan’s AU Optronics
or Innolux Corp.
The iPhone series that appear on or after
2018 and has been the eyes and the organic EL display is adopted, but it is a
design that would improve the display quality can be achieved even before
realizing it. It should be noted, has not been mentioned for the
time at the moment that this technology can be put to practical use


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