Apple will be launched iPhone 7 in September 2016, a recent
roadmap of China Mobile has revealed that the launch could be brought forward
to April is very unlikely, because it makes no sense to launch the iPhone 7c
before the iPhone 7. While this doubt remains, a new report suggests that the
device will enter the stage of mass production soon. According to the report,
Apple has already completed a process of small-scale production and mass
production is expected to begin in January. Moreover, it was also revealed that
the device will be similar to the iPhone 5s in shape and size, and will be
available in three color options just as the latter. Finally, the report noted
that iPhone 7c will have a 1642 mAh battery. As for the price, the device is
said to cost the US between $ 400 and $ 500.
Apple will Introduce iPhone 7c Before iPhone 7

The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities research firm is
used to predict what will be the future products that Apple will lead the
market and, according to a recent report, the Cupertino-based company plans to
launch the ' iPhone 7c in September 2016.
The assumptions of Ming-Chi have as its foundation sources in
the vast supply chain Asian manufacturer with the mark of the bitten apple.
Some months ago, the analyst has predicted that the alleged new iPhone 4-inch
tentatively dubbed iPhone 6c would not have been presented together with the
new iPhone  6s and iPhone6s Plus, but will debut next year and with a different
name from 'iPhone 6c'.
For several weeks, in fact, rumors about the fact that Apple
is planning to re-launch to market a new model of iPhone with diagonal screen
size of 4 inches, because there would still be people who prefer this size.
Recall that with the launch of iPhone 6 (4.7 inches) and iPhone 6 Plus
(5.5-inch) Apple has satisfied consumers eager to have an iPhone by larger than
4 inches, but it is said that everyone likes a mobile ' big'. So, it is said
that Apple wants to reintroduce an iPhone 4-inch (the last is the iphone 5s).
The decision to add the suffix 'c' should not be confused
with the decision a few years ago to launch the ' iPhone 5C , a plastic version
of the iPhone 5, which proved to be a real flop so that Apple anticipated
closing of the production of the phone.
In a note to investors, Ming-Chi Kuo said that a new iPhone
to 4 inches will come in 2016, and will be called iPhone 7c. Since in September
of next year is expected the announcement of the new iPhone 7, it is assumed
that the iPhone will be the version 7c 'smaller' iPhone 7.
The variant 4 inch iPhone 7 should not maintain the entire
specific original, apart from the new chip A10, with only the size of the
display which should be decreased to 4 inches. The body of the iPhone 7c may
not be made ​​of metal, so to be placed on the market iPhone 7c in a lower end
(but it will not be a cheap iPhone). In addition, the future iPhone 4-inch
presumably will not have the new technology 3D Touch Apple introduced iPhone 6s,
to further differentiate it from iPhone 7 to be launched.


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