Apple is planning to improve the quality of
its music streaming. At one point in 2016, Apple Music should offer audio in
high resolution, better known as the theme song sound Hi-Res , offering the
ability to stream audio with bit rates of 24-bits and frequencies up to 96kHz,
a quality higher than that of a CD.
High-Resolution Audio Hi-Res Music
The support in the Apple Music Audio Hi-Res
is a consequence of the will of Apple to increase sales of the iPhone, which
from next generation waiting to September (7 iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus) should
eliminate the traditional headphone jack 3.5 mm for audio output built into the
door Lightning. In this way Apple would also be able to further reduce the
thickness of the next iPhone, as there would be more 'to consider the diameter
of 3.5mm.
The traditional 3.5mm headphone jack is
limited to providing the sound in CD quality. Exploiting the digital signals of
the door Lightning, Apple would ensure a higher quality sound up to 24-bit
using DAC (digital to analog converter), to provide a listening experience
closer to the quality of the studio recording.
To date, the only service that offers music
as Hi-Res is Qobuz, a French market that is not yet available in Italy. TIDAL
plans to update its catalog with songs Hi-Res 2016, while Spotify undaunted
still offer poor audio quality, with a compression that makes you lose a lot of
quality. Apple Music could then take the plunge to get users to switch to its
music service Spotify, at least by convincing those in which the quality of
what 'is listening to the heart.


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