Apple Watch 3 LTE

With the introduction of Apple Watch 3 or Apple Watch Series 3, Apple offers you the first opportunity to opt for an Apple Watch with LTE module. But what features are available with the Apple Watch 3 LTE when the iPhone is not nearby?

Apple Watch 3 LTE: New features are available to you without an iPhone nearby

With the Apple Watch 3 LTE you are much more independent of the iPhone. You can use many features, even if your iPhone is not nearby. For example, if you forgot your iPhone at home or go without iPhone jogging.

Apple has published a corresponding support document, with which the manufacturer more detailed on the subject. If your iPhone and the Apple Watch 3 LTE are both connected to a mobile network, you can do everything with your watch, which is usually done with the watch. The iPhone does not have to be nearby.

If your Apple Watch is connected to the wireless network, you will see a signal strength indicator in the control center. If your Apple Watch is connected to the mobile network and the iPhone is not nearby (and does not have a mobile connection), you have all the functions available on Watch, which are also available when the watch is connected to Wi-Fi. By Wi-Fi you can use Siri on the clock, write and receive messages, make calls, use the weather, share, home app, etc.

If you do not have a WIFI, mobile or iPhone connection with the Apple Watch, you can use the workout and activity app, clock, timer, alarm and stopwatch, sync music, use the Photos app, measure your heart rate, use the breathing app as well as set and interact with memories.


We have a supplement. To receive SMS, MMS, and push notifications from third-party apps on the Apple Watch 3 LTE, your iPhone must be powered up and connected to the wireless network or Wi-Fi. The iPhone does not necessarily have to be nearby.


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