Is The Use of Siri Sexist

A new report from Reuters provides some information about planned Siri updates for iOS 11, which will be unveiled during Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Apple wants third-party applications to be controlled with Siri to compete with Amazon's Alexa.

Apple expects not only a Siri-Home loudspeaker to be presented on the WWDC 2017, but also new operating systems, including iOS 11. According to a report from the Reuters news agency, Apple wants to open its language assistant Siri for a larger number of applications. So you want to copy the success of Amazon Alexa and its function Alexa Skills.

The report does not explain what types of apps or services are announced. Apple currently offers only a few Siri integration possibilities for third parties. Currently, only apps for bookings, messaging, photos search, payment functions and Apps with VOIP functions and for sports activities can be controlled via Siri. It is expected that Apple will significantly expand the number of categories.

On the WWDC 2017 Apple is also to show new Macs and iPads as well as a preview on iOS 11 and macOS 10.13 grants. Presumably new operating systems for Apple Watch and the Apple TV will be unveiled.

A Siri loudspeaker is also rumored to be presented in the look of the MacBook Pro. In addition to the possibility to play music on the device via AirPlay, a microphone is also to be installed with which the loudspeaker receives commands. Also a Siri SDK for developers should be planned. These rumors, however, must be enjoyed with caution. Apple has not used the WWDC since 2013 to introduce new hardware.


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