In recently, the American documentary program CBS 60 Minutes,
rare is permitted design studio shooting of Apple house part, whether through
the beginning and the designer is what process the Jonathan Ive continues to
reflect the design philosophy of Apple was introduced.
Became a hot topic this time you accidentally reflected on
the video. Is a new product you think that the mysterious 15-inch MacBook? Of
course, because the prototype is no doubt that a large number present in the
house, there is also that it would fade away without seeing the light of day
without lead to commercialization.
Ultra-Thin MacBook Pro 15-inch Model
However, in the model close to the production model as far as
to see the new products of the mystery that reflected on the video, and you
could see as a space gray color. Four sides of the bezel of the fineness of the
liquid crystal screen, and (the side where there is a keyboard) body part is I
can grasp it very thin. At first glance it does not have to be invisible even
as MacBook 15-inch model, considering the presence of the standing position and
iPad Pro of MacBook unlikely that Mac Book 15-inch model, the possibility of
the MacBook Pro 15-inch model, which is completely renewed there has been
pointed out.
If, and only this reflection crowded's product is the longtime
of large design change if a MacBook Pro 15-inch model, it is also not an
exaggeration to say that it is "waiting for new product" for those
who are thinking about buying . It is a variety is called false internal leak
speculation, But it is seen as the time next spring of the truth becomes clear.


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