The AppFigures blog published statistical
data such as the number and the type of application, it will be the one that
shows the growth of tvOS platform. Apple TV App Store increased in speed to be
447 apps published on a weekly average, the total number of I will say that
reached the 2624 apps. According to the statistical data, game category is the
largest category with about 1,000 apps which is 38% game apps, other popular
category is the entertainment app, streaming apps for viewing videos.
Apple TV App Store, Stored More Then 2600 Paid and Free Apps
For the game app, the only not within eight
in the top 50 of the rankings of the store relative to the total number, as
well as the iOS platform, it is likely to say that severe category of extremely
As many users are feeling, I think that the
free app has become a majority in the iOS platform. Although tvOS even prima
facie it is in tendency, paid apps will have a relatively large such impression
accounted for 39 percent of the total. And out of them 85% of the paid apps will
be a cheap range from 0.99 to 2.99 US dollars, but seems to be also present
challenging price of apps that is in $ 59.99.
In the forecast of AppFigure blog, it has
been reported that the number of app beyond the 5000 in one month from now, in
2016 beginning to reach 10,000. Although it is the new Apple TV has just been
released in October, the number of content will govern the sales has been
increasing rapidly, it is seems tvOS growing steadily.
The other day as an extension of the device,
has been stated that gives the same functions as Apple TV dedicated controller
in the first half of 2016 to the iOS Remote app "Siri Remote". Thus,
it is expected to become possible to perform the simultaneous operation using
iOS devices, it is more likely a factor to extend the number of clicks and the


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