Apple today announced the availability of the "Smart Battery Case" for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. It involves a combination of shell and
spare battery. The battery will extend the talk time via UMTS at up to 25 hours
and the Internet over LTE by up to 18 hours. In addition, a passively coupled antenna
is integrated in order to optimize reception performance.
Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6s
The case protects the iPhone through a silicone exterior.
Interior is equipped microfiber sheath with a soft lining. Thanks to the
folding design of elastomer, the sleeve can be easily attached and detached
according to Apple. "In addition, the Smart Battery Case offers an
intelligent battery indicator on the lock screen of the iPhone and in the
message center for a better overview of the available battery power."
The battery case supports Lightning accessories, such as the
Lightning to USB Cable (included with your iPhone) and works with the iPhone
Lightning Dock (sold separately). The "Smart Battery Case" has an
acoustic output to optimize audio playback through the speaker. The "Smart
Battery Case" is offered in charcoal gray and white color at a price of $99.00. 


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