apple iphone 6
Apple has discovered a
manufacturing defect in a small number of iPhone 6 Plus that were sold between
September 2014 and January 2015 which refers to the main camera. The so-called
iSight camera features in this smartphone an error that ensures that the images
are blurred. Apple will replace any defective cameras for free. Affected are
only iPhone-6 Plus models.
Apple replaces defective iSight camera in iPhone 6 Plus

Some iPhone-6 Plus models,
they last were manufactured until the beginning of this year are over, with
iSight cameras fitted that ensure blurry photos, reports Apple. The iSight
camera has a resolution of 8 megapixels and has a new Focus sensor with pixel
and a screen with f / 2.2. When iPhone 6 Plus an optical image stabilizer has
been integrated as opposed to the iPhone 6, which compensates for camera shake
by a precise lens movement. 
In addition to photos can
be taken per second with the camera also 1080p videos at 60 frames, wherein a
continuous autofocus is used. The video stabilization is realized, however,
only electronically. The attributable to a manufacturing defect problem have
been fixed since the end of January 2015. A small number of cameras with the
manufacturing error came on the market. Apple now offers a free exchange
program on. Who has concern that his iPhone has affected 6 Plus by mistake, the
serial number of smartphones can on a website of Apple entering and then
immediately receives a confirmation as to whether the appliance is affected or
not. Apple itself has not disclosed how many defective iPhone came 6 Plus in
trading. If you own an iPhone 6 Plus having the error, you can contact with
Apple by phone or at the store in conjunction. The manufacturer, however, made ​​no
new replacement units but replaced according to a report from 9to5Mac only the
iSight camera of the iPhone 6 Plus. That might suggest that the image
stabilization has a problem, the smaller iPhone 6 without image stabilization
is not affected.


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