Apple surrounded the supply chain for the
next iPhone, or changes from LCD to OLED screens, is already known and confirmed. More specifically, the period between 2017-2018 is currently being
targeted, which means that the iPhone 7s could be the first iPhone with an OLED screen.

Currently, Apple has several manufacturers in
Korea and Japan asked whether this production capacity can adapt to the needs
of the Group, since Apple requires significantly larger display quantities than
any other manufacturer. Currently, three companies compete for the favor of
Apple: LG Electronics, Japan Display and JOLED where observers currently
emanating from the fact that the latter two enter a collaboration to meet in
research and production capacity Apple's needs.
The reasons for the change of the display
are mainly the cost factor, but also the longer life, higher
luminance and lower the energy consumption of OLED displays compared to LCD
screens are not negligible.
Apple's rival Samsung for years been using
the OLED technology. It is interesting to see how Apple implements the
technology change in the iPhones and whether later followed by other iPads.


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