Apple has launched a second beta version of OS X, OS X10.11.3 (Build 15D13b). They can be downloaded from members of the developer
and beta testing program. The third major update for the new Mac operating
system OS X El Capitan improved according to the manufacturer, the stability,
compatibility and security of your Mac.
OS X 10.11.3 offers numerous improvements and bug fixes,
including in areas such as AirDrop, handoff, iCloud Photo Sharing, Mail, Safari
(the web browser is included in version 9.0.3) and WLAN. The operating system
update also fixes vulnerabilities and improves compatibility with hardware and
software from other manufacturers. The final version is expected in February.

In December’s OS X 10.11.2 appeared. The update provides
among other improvements for wireless connections, AirDrop and handoff and
eliminates a lot of mistakes, for example in connection with Bluetooth, Mail,
FaceTime and Safari. In addition, more than 50 vulnerabilities were closed.


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