Apple Released iOS 10.3 Beta 2 for all Devices

Apple has released with a tag delay iOS 10.3 Beta 2 now for public testers, which participate in the free Apple Seed program. The new operating system runs on iPhones, iPads and the iPod touch.

Apple gets ready to iOS 10.3 to publish and now has the Beta 2 Released for participants of the Beta program "Apple Seed". This version only differs by the build number of the version published yesterday for paid developers. Most important innovations within iOS 10.3 are the search function for AirPods and the new Apple file system APFS, which is to speed up the operation and booting of iOS.

The locating function for lost AirPods produces a swelling sound, with which the earphones in the room hopefully can be found again. Who wants, can also just one of the two Bluetooth headphones before mute. Unfortunately, this is only if the connection by Bluetooth is not torn off. On the site, the user can also determine the last recorded location where the AirPods were paired with the iPhone or iPad. Specifically, it is not the transmission function of the devices unfortunately. The location function can be found under the menu item "Find my iPhone".

An almost more important change is the introduction of the file system Apple File System (APFS) on iOS. During the update, the user does not notice the conversion, but, of course, a backup should be done as usual, if something goes wrong.

The old file system HFS + will soon disappear from the Mac world, because also with macOS and watchOS should come APFS. APFS provides higher data security, but above all more performance. The iOS devices boast noticeably faster and the app start is also brighter.

How to Become an Apple Seed Tester

To become a tester, just fill in using the blue Join Now and Get Started buttons with the Apple ID and its password. Clicking on Accept to accept the user agreement takes you to the last page of the registration process. Now, click Enroll Your Mac under Point 1, and then load the Beta Access Utility that can be executed after the download.


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