Apple builds a car now or not? This question has been hotly
debated over the past year and also commented on by many of the automotive
industry, but so far there are few tangible clues. Although Apple has numerous
employees from the automotive industry recruited and hired a testing ground,
but if Apple is building a car or not, cannot be so answered. Even Tim Cook,
who several times to the Project Titan was addressed, was always a clever way,
neither deny nor confirm, what is behind it.
MacRumors has discovered that Apple has thematically to cars
registered Internet domains matching last month three. These include, and To prevent websites from Apple are connected, but a
commission on the WHOIS database clearly shows that Apple has registered it.
Apple likely remains in the earlier stages of research and
development of its rumored electric vehicle, and it remains possible the
company’s plans change over the next three to four years. Nevertheless, the trio
of new domains provides yet another clue that Apple may one day compete with
the likes of Tesla and Google.
It could also be that this is simply a precaution is done so
that no one else the euphonious name busy. Perhaps the computer manufacturer
also makes only a fun with us – and builds no car. What do you all mean?


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