The Magic Mouse and
Wireless Keyboard are now real veterans in Apple’s range and were long gone
revised. Technological progress has gone past them and so they are still
working with Bluetooth 2.1. This will cost an unnecessary amount of
electricity. But now things are changing. In the US Food and Drug
Administration new peripheral devices have been logged that work with Bluetooth
New Apple peripherals have
surfaced the lists of US regulatory authority FCC (Federal Communications
Commission), because sparking devices must there only be tested and approved
before they are allowed onto the market. The registered devices include a mouse
and a keyboard. The Apple Wireless Keyboard has not been changed since 2011 and
the mouse, which is also known as the Magic Mouse is built unchanged since
2009. It’s time that something is happening after Bluetooth 4.0 is a long time
in the market and still have over the two input devices Bluetooth 2.1.
Magic Mouse and Wireless Keyboard with Bluetooth 4.0 LE

The new models are
Bluetooth 4.2 LE dominate with Low Energy. The mouse and keyboard are likely
due to the lower energy requirements to run significantly longer for Bluetooth
LE than the previous models. However, it seems to be changing a bit. Instead of
relying on AA or AAA batteries, Apple seems this time batteries installed
fixed, which can be recharged via a cable.

Whether this is the user
brings something or rather perceived as a hindrance, it is too early to judge
effectiveness. On the one hand we are glad that the keyboard can be equipped
with two AA batteries and is currently virtually anywhere replacement is to get
on the other hand you need a separate battery charger to charge the power
storage again. In future maybe enough the iPad / iPhone USB power adapter. When
the two input devices to hit the market, can be calculated from the test
protocols for the mouse and the keyboard, of course, do not recognize. These
are pre-production models, it says. Conceivable would be a publication for
Apple Fall Event in September.


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