Apple plans to significantly expand its engineering operations for artificial intelligence and machine learning in Seattle

For some time, Apple has been running a research facility for artificial intelligence and machine learning in Seattle. According to a recent report, the Californian company will be expanding at its location so that it is not only possible to enlarge the team, but at the same time the employees of the KI start-up Turi, acquired last August, could also enter the building.

"We are trying to find the best people who are thrilled with AI and machine tools. They can be enthusiastic about research and can think in the long term, but at the same time they can transform these ideas into products that will thrash and delight our customers, "said computer scientist Carlos Guestrin, head of "Machine Engineering" at Apple. "The bar is high, but we can find people as fast as we can meet people who meet our high requirements. That is very exciting." 

This statement is not without a coincidence and coincides with the rumor that Apple would like to broaden its Seattle site. According to GeekWire, the company should have rented additional floors in the Two Union Square, which would not only help the Turi team to buy a new home, but also hire new employees.

Carlos Guestrin - founder of Turi, university professor and current leader of the team of mechanics - already speaks of a very strong collaboration between his team in Seattle and groups from the headquarters in Cupertino. This is intended to improve the artificial intelligence for future Apple products. A growing team would come just right, so as not to be dependent on the competition. Just a few weeks ago, we speculated that Turi's know-how in the field of AI and machine tools could benefit Siri.


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