According to the news agency Bloomberg, Apple is currently again in negotiations with the music industry. You want to negotiate new conditions for Apple Music and the iTunes Store. Should no agreement be reached in the short term, the existing treaties would initially be extended indefinitely.

That Tim Cook is a well-known good merchant, has got around. Now his company would like to renew the expiring contracts with the music industry on improved terms. Apple would like to pay less for music streaming and also keep a larger share of the sale of digital music in the iTunes Store.

Apple Wants To Improve Position

Anonymous sources against Bloomberg have revealed that the iPhone manufacturer wants to improve its basic position against the music publishers. When the iPod and the iTunes Store were still number 1, and the sale of digital music outside Apple's Onlineshop played no big role, Apple could negotiate significantly better terms.

Spotify has Better Conditions

Now one is striving above all the price for the music streaming in his favor again to negotiate. Currently, many labels from Apple will receive 58 percent revenue share. The iPhone manufacturer would rather prefer the same level of Spotify. The market leader in the field of music streaming recently sold 55 percent of the sales to the music publishers, but recently achieved a new contract conclusion with only 52 percent.

iTunes Store Does Not Neglect

The fact that Spotify was able to negotiate better conditions also has to do with the growth of the platform. But Apple Music has also developed very well. This development plays Apple apparently in the cards. According to Bloomberg, the music publishers are willing to grant Apple similar conditions. But the partners want the company from Cupertino the iTunes Store not neglected. Especially in countries, where the music streaming was not so common, Apple should stir the advertising drum for iTunes. In principle, however, the fears that no music would be sold any more would not have come true.


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