The Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are
likely, according to the logic come with major changes on the market when it
was still at the launch of the iPhone 6s has been compared to its predecessor
the case. To really the best iPhone 7 to bring to market, Apple is testinginternally equal to five different versions of the next generation.
Apple Performing Internal Testing on iPhone 7
Among these variants are located, which offer
features that are not to be expected in the final device, for example, an
AMOLED display. Furthermore, a USB Type-C port with headset compatibility,
wireless battery charging, multi-Force Touch, dual cameras and a built-in
display fingerprint scanners are hawked.
All in all, the rumor little surprising
because Apple is said to have been tested several prototypes in each
generation, of which a majority is but not come as a device on the market. That
it would be again the case with the Apple iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7, was
therefore to be expected.

Generally, Apple should have taken a new look
in the eye when iPhone 7 release which is to be led by a to  one
thinner housing. Furthermore, Apple-A10 CPU, more memory, iOS 10 and
improved cameras talking. 


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