According to The New York Times reports,
Apple plans to release a new service that enables payment transactions between
individuals in 2016, Apple is considering person-to-person payment transactions
in the mobile as a new service. Now Wells Fargo and Capital One, a plurality of
US banks such as JP Morgan discussion It says that the shakes.
Apple Pay

The settlement system between individuals,
such as the payment function will be like the "Venmo" and Facebook
Messenger. Both might be unfamiliar service in Japan, but in the United States,
seem to be as Venmo is used well to money exchange between the little
individual, such as split the bill at the time.
By "clearXchange" that major banks
have been a joint venture in the United States, but there is a mechanism that
you can transfer from the account by using the e-mail address or mobile phone
number, Apple, a system similar to this to make using the Apple ID, It looks
like you're trying to achieve a person-to-person payments not applied the
commission without going through the bank.

Although Apple had applied for a patent of a
mechanism to perform person-to-person payment transactions in July this year,
that move toward actually individual transactions not only patent has been
promoted from this report you can be glanced. By utilizing fingerprint
authentication function to "Touch ID" as security, mobile payment
services, "Apple Pay" and the like "Wallet" app to manage
the ticket or would cause you to appear as a new feature.


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