On Thursday Apple has
received three patents, which the iPhone maker could expand the bracelets his
Apple Watch new features. For some time there are rumors that Apple wants its
SmartWatch give new bracelets. For instance with integrated GPS chip or an
additional battery.
The bracelets from
Apple are rather poor, have previously detected some third-party and then even
special Apple Watch bracelets made. It seems the company from Cupertino is now
thinking itself it to accommodate more functions in the bracelets.
Apple Patents New Bracelets for the Apple Smart Watch

In addition to an
additional battery in the bracelet, chips, sensors, additional storage, camera
lenses and displays are mentioned in the patents also. A directly stowed in the
wristband cable also appears in the patents. This is intended, among other
things, to connect the watch to a computer. However, the bracelets are to
remain slim despite the functions.

Whether Apple actually
introduces new bracelets for the Apple Watch on the market in the near future
remains to be seen. Apple is, after all, known to develop all sorts of concepts
and technologies, many of which are never implemented in the end. Anyway, the
cult group has ever made the first step and can protect the possible
accessories patent.


  1. Hi, thanks for the article. Does the patent specifically refer only to the "three contact mechanism"? I have an old watch that uses a very similar detachment mechanism for the steel bracelet. Instead of Apple's oblong locking mechanism that's pushed down by a rubber patch, mine uses a spring loaded ball bearing. Instead of Apple's oblong push button on the case, mine requires a sharp object (pen, paper clip, small screwdriver, etc.) to push the round button on the case. But essentially, the functionality is the same.


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