Every day can be patented Apple new
technologies. Whether, however, ever make this all in a product, is more than
questionable. Not only Apple secures regular new patents, also many other
companies patented technologies to allow this then disappear into a drawer.
Apple patented stylus with haptic feedback
The US Patent and Trademark Office makes a
new patent made ​​public showing that Apple is working on a stylus or at
least the possibility is considering, in the future to present a stylus.
Apple patented stylus with haptic feedback

The new patent goes by the name “Touch
haptic feedback for simulating implement with surface texture” describes a
stylus with Taptic Engine and Haptic feedback. In the application of the pen,
the user to receive tactile feedback.

The applications and the haptic feedback
could be manifold. So the pen could for example give feedback on when a button
is confirmed on the display. Apple but also describes different feedback which
gives the stylus when it is performed on the display, for example, via various
virtual surfaces. It feels different when the pen over paper, glass or wood


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