Beginning of the week Apple introduced the
beta of OS X 10.11.4 and iOS 9.3 started. After both operating system fixes
that were previously available only to developers, they can now also members of
the developer program to be downloaded. The preliminary version of iOS 9.3 has
now been updated – according to the manufacturer, some bugs have been fixed.
OS X 10.11.4 improves compatibility,
stability and security of your Mac. The operating system update also fixes
vulnerabilities and improves compatibility with hardware and software from
other manufacturers. The program messages can now be taken with the iPhone 6s
(Plus) live pictures with movement and audio reproduction represent, during the
note-app received a password protection. The version 9.1 of the web browser
Safari provides enhanced support for web standards and improvements for the
developer tools.
iOS 9.3 offers a range of new features,
including a “Night Shift” called night mode. “Nightshift”
reduced after sunset the proportion of blue light on the displays of iOS
devices. Many studies have shown that blue light may also have negative effects
on sleep, so Apple. “Nightshift” shifts the display on the display
towards warmer (yellow) colors in order to defuse this issue. The next day,
after sunrise, the proportion of blue light is moved back to the normal level.
For automatic (de) activation of “Nightshift” the time and the
location determination is used, according to Apple. In the function settings
can be finely adjusted and switched off if desired.
In addition, the iOS 9.3 brings further
innovations. For example, Notes can now be protected by touch-ID or password.
In combination with the also present in the beta test watchOS 2.2 multiple
Apple Smart Watches can now be coupled with an iPhone. The health app, the
manufacturer has donated an activity indicator. On iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus
there are additional 3D Touch Actions for apps like settings, weather and
Even the field of education, there are
innovations. iPads can now be used by several students or students – after
logging in with the Apple ID, all personal apps and data. For teachers there is
a new Classroom app to support the teaching. The browser-based service Apple
School Manager is designed to help in the establishment and deployment of iPads
in education.

The final versions of OS X 10.11.4 and iOS
9.3 are expected in March or April. 


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