Apple news is relevant in the age
of smartphones and tablets that Apple's latest effort to make newspapers and
magazines, which should come in iOS 9. However, the update to iPhone owners in
the UK there was no sign of it. UK iPhone owners can get their hands on the new
application before the iOS 9.1 is ready for download at the end of this month
will have to wait until. Personal digital magazine with stories taken from
various places - a kind of Apple News provides news as a dynamic fodder. It
displays a virtual magazine that is in contrast with the old Newsstand
Apple News App Configuration of iOS 9
According to Apple vice president of product marketing, Susan Prescott, "beautiful content from the world's
greatest sources, personalized for you". And Apple adds that you'll
"no longer need to move from app to app to stay informed"
that would add. Keeping you away from web, all at our system and possibly
another slap in the face for Google is about.
If you haven't updated your device to iOS 9.1 and non-residential
of US, you won't have installed the Apple News app. If you want to install it,
all you need to do is upgrade to the latest version of Apple's iPhone iOS 9.x. 
You can do so by tapping Settings > General > Software Update and install
latest update in your iPhone. Not only UK, Australian iPhone users have also
now got access to the Apple News app.
What to do if you live outside of the UK, Australia or America:
if there any way to update and install the Apple News App? Yes there is:
Go to Settings > General > Language and Region, select
USA or UK. Restart your iPhone. This change will allow you to give the News app
a try and see just what you are missing.
Local publications for Apple to
make a formal proposal takes some time, maybe because the news on the status of
your application, due to delays in the post - you were missing from local publications
news feed.


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