When Apple decided to cut all of Google's operations in its
software and spent just adopt the use of his own time sheets, many people
decried the potential of the company. This episode happened in 2012 and, at
first, a lot of mistrust generated by users and the media, though Tim Cook,
then CEO remained confident in the decision and promised a more complete
service to rival other market options.
Apple Map More Popular Than Google Map on iOS Devices

Now, three years after the introduction of this new strategy
of the company, a new report is claiming that Apple Maps is "three times
more used" Google Maps on devices running iOS, with "more than five
billion requests to the Apple map service every week. "
A report published by the agency Associated Press notes that
now Apple receives data from more than 3000 different sources for the listing
of companies, traffic and other relevant information that appears on your maps.
It also points out that Apple is constantly expanding its mapping subways andpublic transport, roads and signs.


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