Apple has a trademark
dispute in China over the name "iPhone" lost against a Chinese
company specializing in leather products such as handbags and phone covers. The
company Xintong Tiandi, received the trademark 'iPhone' for leather products in
Apple asked the
trademark iPhone already for electronic products in 2002, but it was not
adopted until 2013. The reports began around the case after a Quartz article ran
on the Chinese site Legal Daily.
The first case of the
name Apple strained in 2012 when the Chinese trademark authority. Then
Apple brought the case to a lower court in Beijing Apple does not put in the
Apple Loses Leather Goods Rights to iPhone Trademark in China
The reason the court
found that Xintong Tiandi could continue to use the name was because Apple's
iPhone was not yet a known brand when the leather goods company name filed in
2007, especially since the first Apple iPhone in the Chinese stores until 2009
Now Apple has set the
high court unsuccessful because the company could not demonstrate that iPhone
was a famous brand in China before Xintong Tiandi filed for the name. The
leather goods manufacturer may only use the name under Class 18: leather goods. Apple's
iPhone falls under Class 9: Electrical and scientific apparatus.
On Xintong Tiandi
website Tiandi
 is now that the company is pleased that there is finally
clarity and that the company wants to work with Apple to make more happy
'iphone' customers.


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