Last summer, Apple released its own
programming language Swift. This is equally we intended for beginners to
experienced programmers, in order to create complex systems. This solves the
Swift Objective-C previously used for creating applications for Mac OS X and
iOS as the primary language from, although by his own admission Objective C is
not threatened by Swift. This will continue to be supported and maintained by
Apple Keeps Its Promise, Swift is Open Source

The reasons for the change of paradigm seem
clear: simpler, faster, more secure. Used functions that come from scripting
languages ​​and functional programming. The language contains as well many
modern concepts, but also relies on well-known techniques.
In early June of this year it was announced
then to the in-house developer conference WWDC (Worldwide Developers
Conference), version 2.0 of the language. This should be up to seven times
faster and, to the great surprise of many, open source. In plain language this
means that Apple puts the source code of its programming language and open
under the Apache 2.0 License represents whereby Swift freely used in any
environment, may be modified and distributed. Also cross-platform apps could
arise so easily.
Yesterday, the company then his promise
sparked from Cupertino and made the source code of programming to the public.
Craig Federighi, the senior vice president of software development at Apple,
eulogized in an interview with The Next Web, Apple was convinced that Swift is
the next big programming in the coming decades.
“We think Swift is the next major programming
language; the one people are going to be programming in for the coming several
decades. We think it’s a combination of it being a great systems and apps programming
language that’s fast and safe, but also being really expressive and easy to
Apple turns up for the first time the hosting
platform for software projects to Github, which strongly suggests that the
iPhone maker is significantly stronger for its open source software on
Contributions from the community. In addition, belonging to the project page
has created, prepared on the Apple now many details of programming,
including the documentation and instructions for polling provides.
The judge is therefore also planned to give
programmers from the community the right to independently alter the sources of
Swift. Swift will be further developed as an open "evolutionary
process". How far Swift thus may separate from the hands and control of
Apple, remains to be seen.
Furthermore, Apple has also introduced a port
of Swift for Linux. On the page therefore find the first one
Swift-version for Linux, in source and binary form for Ubuntu.


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