According to the latest rumors spread on the
web, iPhone model scheduled for the year 2016 may be equipped with the latest
Intel chipset for high speeds with 4G LTE and WiFi networks. Here are all the
details about it.
If the rumors are correct about The future
iPhone 7, will have under the shell the Intel 7360 chip, it is able to
guarantee the speed data rates up to the maximum speed of 450 Mbps. The modem may be integrated directly into the
chipset owner Apple AX, and will serve not only to manage transfers on 4G LTE
network, but also on the Wifi.
Apple iPhone 7 Rumor

The interesting detail is that to date Apple
has relied on Qualcomm modems of various iPhone and iPad, but in the future
this may change. Intel has made great strides in recent months, and may be
missing very little to the agreement between the two parties.
It also seems that the modem designed by the
US will serve to ensure the full operation in emerging countries, especially
those in Asia and Latin America, using standards other than the USA and Europe.

iPhone 7 Camera 

The next iPhone is expected to maintain as
the same camera introduced in the latest iPhone 6s but with the novelty of a
system of two lenses similar to the system adopted by Chamber Duo HTC One M8,
where the camera module combines the technology is that the Megapixel
Ultrapixel to order to increase the amount of light and captured information
and to ensure best shots and more detailed. This could be the concept of
"image quality DSLR" is understood by Gruber.
In the latest iPhone 6s, Apple has added a
sensor in the camera as it considers cutting edge 12-megapixel, a new processor
ISP, a new pixel technology and function Focus Pixels. It 'also improved the
local tone mapping, in addition to optical image stabilization.
Recently, Apple has filed a patent
application at the United States Patent and Trademark Office concerning the
fixing of an additional lens in a device. It might have something to do with
the double lens that Apple is expected to use the camera module of its next

iPhone 7 Processor 

If Apple will not use 'Intel chips, Apple may
still use Samsung for the production of next-generation chips for future iPad
and iPhone. In recent months I have come rumors about a possible deal that
could make Samsung the leading supplier of processors for Apple devices for
sale from 2016 onwards. The agreement provides that the Korean giant will
produce 80% of application processors for Apple, while the rest of the
production will be managed by TSMC manufacturer based in Taiwan. The agreement,
according to reports, could be worth billions of dollars. 

IPhone 7 Display: Can 4-inch Display Model 

According to the announcement from the
Chinese site, the leaders of Apple did not make any order for
particular components for 2015 concerning a new model of iPhone with 4-inchtouch screen. However, recently it has been suggested the production of an
iPhone 7c, a 4-inch version of the next iPhone 7.
In recent weeks there have been numerous
rumors of a possible iPhone 6S with 4-inch Retina Display. The news was well
received by fans of the Apple bitten, since not everyone is willing to use a smartphone
with the form factor of 4.7 inches (iPhone 6) or 5.5 inches (iPhone 6 Plus).
Early rumors indicated highly probable commercialization by the end of 2015 in
a 4-inch iPhone 6S, so as to meet the needs of all those who are looking for an
iPhone by more compact. But it seems that at the moment there is
nothing like developing for a launch in the short term: different Chinese
suppliers have indeed revealed the site that such orders are not from
Apple. It is not excluded that the iPhone 7s 4-inch will debut in next
September just alongside iPhone 7.
In the opinion of some analysts, it is
possible that a new iPhone 4-inch has actually been in the plans of Tim Cook
last year, but later the idea was scrapped because of the higher than expected
sales of the iPhone 6. 

iPhone7 Without Audio Jack? 

The iPhone7 may not have the audio jack for
headphones or the input used to connect the wired headset and standard 3.5mm.
According to reports, earphones of the next
iPhone7 expected next September could connect through the socket Lightning. This
would serve to reduce the thickness of the new iPhone, but it would make it
impossible to use the earphones and keep charging the iPhone at the same time.
If Apple wants to reduce its thickness, it could use the technology that the
company has patented a few weeks ago, one linked to the redesign of the
traditional stereo headphone jack 3.5mm. 

USB Type-C and 3D Multi Touch Screen 

The next model of iPhone could support
multiple 3D Touch and have the USB data port-C, useful for recharging the
battery for quick connection to the PC and other devices. Apple could indeed
say goodbye to the data connector lightning, in favor of the universal port
USB-C, already introduced in the 12-inch Macbook. The 3D Touch multiple should
be an evolution of the 3D Touch, with the possibility of the multi-touch
gesture with some pressure on the screen.


If Apple will not use 'Intel chips, Apple may
still use Samsung chips for the production of next-generation, Apple in its
logic boards regarding modems and antennas has relied more and Qualcomm, maybe
this year will turn Intel, but the processor is and will remain "Designed
by Apple" and then let it produce at Samsung and / or TSMC.


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