орtісаl fingerprint ѕеnѕоr аnd fасіаl recognition іn iPhone 8

In the MacBook Pro, Apple introduced the touch bar at the end of 2016. How would it look if this concept were also used on the iPhone 8? The "Concept iPhone YouTube Channel" has designed a design that shows how the Touch Bar could be used with an iPhone 8.

The Touch Bar the MacBook Pro is a second display with OLED screen and touch screen, which is also equipped with a fingerprint sensor. App developers can display icons on the secondary display to control their applications, and the operating system itself uses the input device for the escape key, the brightness and sound settings, and activating Siri.

But so far, Apple limited this new and innovative input form only to its notebooks. Neither the Bluetooth keyboard nor the iOS devices have anything comparable.

The "Concept iPhone YouTube Channel" has an iPhone 8 designed which also has a touch bar. According to information so far, Apple plans to miss the anniversary smartphone a frameless display, in which Touch ID is installed. The display should extend over the entire front of the smartphone.

In the concept video it can be seen that the loudspeaker has migrated to the upper side of the housing and the front camera can take pictures through the display.

Faster processor and OLED display for the iPhone 8

According to various unconfirmed reports, the iPhone 8 should be able to charge wirelessly, have a faster A11 processor and be waterproof. We will only know it in a few months. As a rule, Apple introduces the new iPhones in September each year.


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