When some time ago it was announced that
there would be Apple’s new iPhone 7 versions with 256 GB memory, many assumed
that Apple would drop for the 16GB version. So it should be in addition to the iPhone
7 Pro 256 GB version
, iPhone 7 Plus 128 GB version and iPhone 7 64 GB model. Since
you seem to have but a mistake. Because Apple will probably not offer 64 GB
version more, but set back in a version with 32 GB.
Apple iPhone 7 64GB Version Falls Outside The Race
It is now apparently but Apple no give the 64
GB version of the iPhone 7. This reports multiple media referring to sources
from the supply chain Apples. Instead, Apple will bring three versions of the
iPhone 7 on the market that are equipped with 256 GB, 128 GB and 32 GB memory.
Even the iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 7 Pro, there will be using this memory
This falls outside the 64 GB version of iPhone 7. Many
users will be disappointed. For when it was revealed some time ago that there
would be version with 256 GB a " iPhone 7", was suspected immediately
that Apple would it set the 16-GB version and 32 GB version sells Apple already
not for some time more. Because 16 GB of memory in a smart phone is for years
out of date and a 32 GB memory is now at the lower end of the scale and is no
longer sufficient for many users out already, because they save a lot of music
on their Smartphone and many high-resolution photos and shoot videos. An iPhone
with 64 GB memory and therefore constitutes the optimal entry size, in which
hardly anyone has to worry about running out of disk space.


  1. As per my opinion ; Apple has its own loyal customer those will always use iOS operating system as they have complete familiarity & personal attachment with them. The new version have almost the same feature as the old one but only have an some more data saving space. So instead of expanding a sum of money they will keep on using a mobile which they have already purchased. so the company might have to face a decline in the new sales of their mobile. Thanks for sharing this great information… Really helpful

    • Yes ! i am completely agreed with Mark Stephen opinion about the decline in the use of iphone over the period of time. Competition among the top giants t tech firms are becoming intense over the period of time. Now there are some mobiles which are having more features than Iphone so the competition is becoming intense with the passage of time. Users purchase those mobile instead of iPhone and perform their desired tasks.


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