The Apple iPhone 7 is provided in spite of
the huge success of the current generation iPhone in the field of rumors and
very popular with numerous speculations. Now new rumors spirits through the
network, relying on memory and the new housing of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7
Plus relate. So is being reported that the Apple iPhone 7 will be released with
equal to 3 GB of memory, which would be quite a surprise. Over several
generations, Apple has installed 1GB of memory in its iPhone, only with iPhone
6s and iPhone 6s Plus there was the doubling to 2 GB RAM.
Apple iPhone 7

That is now the Apple iPhone 7, a further
increase to 3 GB of memory, may seem logical in certain respects, in the face
of Apple's conservative attitude, these could be but also be a rumor without
The same applies to the waterproof case,
which should also be part of the equipment the next-generation iPhone. For
several generations hawked a waterproof case, until today, Apple has not
decided to implement such.

Generally, there were already some
speculation surrounding the Apple iPhone to find 7 (Plus), among other things,
is to be completely revised the design, which could well fit to follow an
"S" generation. An Apple-A10 CPU, a better graphics chip, improved
camera sensors and iOS 10 are also considered highly probable.


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