With the iPad published in 2010, Apple has
opened up the tablet market for the masses – for a primary FR amazingly mature
model. While Android and other manufacturers should take years to bring a
similarly smooth overall system of hardware and software on the market, Apple
was. Not least because of the high degree of maturity of the devices victim of
its own success.
Apple iPad Pro Specs in Test
Unsettled by weakening sales and the
temporarily strong and Samsung Nexus competitors eventually moved after Apple
with a smaller, cheaper iPad Mini, what the problem of declining total income
but rather enhanced. On the other hand, Microsoft positioned with its
Surface-series and Windows 8 as a full business hybrid device. While the
Surface Pro 4 the claim as a notebook replacement in the test can redeem
largely, Apple has the proof of the established by Tim Cook allegation provide
only for the iPad Pro. Once again, you can, however, the impression not help
thinking that Apple with its own business tablet rather than responding acts.

Screen and Housing

No question, the size of the 12.9-inch
displays impressed. In fact, there are still hardly big tablets or convertibles
on the market, let alone those that are intended for daily use without a dock
or keyboard. Taking the iPad Pro for the first time in the hand, the surprising
low for the size and weight of the thin casing. With nearly 70 percent more
area, the iPad Pro, with its 713 grams for only 57 per cent heavier than the
older iPad Air. Workmanship and design are impeccable as with other iPads,
every button, every port and exhaust fit perfectly.
The iPad Pro fits comfortably in your hand.
The aluminum back not slip and the cut edges are just not so sharp that it is
uncomfortable. Keeping the tablet for a long time in the hands, is exhausting,
but possible for the flexible use with one hand, the iPad Pro, despite its
lightweight design but just too hard. The display has a good natural color and
radiance. Outdoors or in direct sunlight the display but usually reflects
strong – a known issue that divides the device with virtually all notebook
displays. Fingerprints fall at the big screen in more than smaller iPads.

High pixel density, Blurred Elements

With the resolution 2732 x 2048 pixels
provides the iPad Pro the same pixel density of 264 ppi as the smaller iPad
Air. Only the iPad mini is resolved with 326 ppi even sharper. The size of the
display causes some graphic elements on websites, as well as icons and fonts in
various apps are displayed pixelated. Even for Apple may have little to
nothing. By the larger display the failures of app developers and website
operators falling now but much stronger than in the smaller iPads.
Strange, not to say disappointing seems
virtually unchanged app arrangement on the home screen. Instead of exploiting
the large screen, Apple holds the grid of five by four apps. Also in the fixed
bar at the bottom can no additional app icon to get involved, even though the
place is definitely there. The setting display zoom enlarges the icons and
fonts only what only leads, however, that even appear Apple’s own icons and
fonts blurry.
At the latest at this time, you look at the
question of what the added value of the iPad Pro is a productive business
device disastrous smaller predecessors actually. The familiar Microsoft parts
of the screen to use two apps at the same time there are the smaller iPads
also. The function is convenient, unfortunately you cannot change the two
windows but completely free – the left side can be reduced to a maximum of half
of the screen – also the attachment and replace the two halves of the display
could be better solved.

No German Apple Keyboard

The virtual keyboard forms the basis of the
larger displays virtually all keys from a physical keyboard, without caring
must dumbbells to paragraphs and most important special characters only per
shift. But that it has with the benefits already. The MacBook trackpad from the
known and the iPhone introduced 6s Force touch operation, with which you can
call up by firmer pressure on the display additional menu items, shortcuts,
etc., missing inexplicably. When working with docked keyboard is also
constantly getting caught up in the Office programs from Microsoft and Apple,
one likes to want to connect a mouse via Bluetooth.
The fact that Apple is able to offer for sale
launch of the iPad Pro no suitable German keyboard is embarrassing. The
so-called Smart Keyboard is available only with an English layout to 179 Euro,
the delivery time is also four to five weeks. Who can use a keyboard with
German layout, the docks as the Apple Keyboard on the new port on the tablet
side, and hence does not need Bluetooth connection and not have its own
battery, currently has on Logitech Create keyboard dodge around 149 euros.

Alternative: Logitech Create

In the test, the Logitech keyboard works
without problems. The iPad Pro can be easily fixed in the case, but also
removed again. The illumination of the buttons is a nice feature, the pressure
point of the keys is alright. If you press a little harder to give the keys
around for a bit, which in everyday use is but little disturbing. The keyboard
contributes to the notebook feel – until you become however again reminds us of
the limitations of iOS 9. For more productivity provide a number of keyboard
shortcuts, which are however not limited to the Logitech model.
The biggest drawback of the Logitech solution
is its weight. With 725 grams of the Keyboard Case is heavier than the iPad Pro
itself and ensures that the suit is even heavier than Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Air.
Unlike the lighter Apple keyboard solution (the exact weight is on the Apple
website not listed) protects the massive Logitech Cover your tablet on the
back. Since the case but has generous openings on the respective sides, is also
given in the Logitech solution not a complete all-round protection.
The magnet holds the folded state, yet the
two halves can be moved easily in the closed state. The material provides some
protection against shocks and is also splash-resistant. Although the docking
works problem-free, the solution still makes only partially due to the severity
of the iPads for stability. Placed on the table, the display at the touch
operation does not actually exist after you lift the keyboard with iPad,
wobbles this threatening. But initial tests According to this should be the
case with the Apple keyboard.

Processor Apple Chip A9

Power and speed of the iPad Pro leave nothing
to be desired. The Apple chip A9X with 1.8 GHz dual-core processor, in
combination with 4 gigabytes of RAM for an absolutely judder-operation – even
in resource-intensive apps and dual-use in split-screen. Unlike the smaller
iPad Air 2, the housing is less rapidly warm. Just about the inner workings, so
weak, the 8-megapixel camera on the back and 1.2-megapixel camera on the front.
Apple has never taken the camera on the iPad quite seriously and that
unfortunately is also the iPad Pro is no exception.
New and Improved is also the speaker concept,
which compared with the iPad Air 2 still wants to sit on a. So is the iPad Pro
with four speakers, two right and left respectively, equipped. Can reinvent the
world so Apple but also not. Although the sound is full and spatial, but
remains dull and tinny. Irritating is the fact that the sound is not in front,
but behind the display forms, you consequently so has the feeling that the
screen shields these from. Anyone watching movies and listening to music,
should continue to rely on headphones or Bluetooth speakers. The battery is
with about ten hours of continuous non-issue, but charging takes too many
The Apple much heralded innovation of Apple
Edit, obtained with the especially graphic designers, creative and architects a
sensitive input option is currently hardly available in Europe. On the official
site, the delivery time for the 109-euro Pencil with four to five weeks is
given. The Future Zone was the pen why not try – especially since Apple no
longer furnishes Austrian media for some time with testing equipment.

A Wasted Opportunity

No, the iPad Pro is not a notebook or desktop
replacement or not more or less than the other iPads. Tim Cook’s assessment
that the use of the computer is no longer equated with notebooks and PCs today,
you can subscribe to 100 percent. Nobody has forced Apple to develop a larger
tablet that screams moreover labeled “Pro” to “Business”
-Usern. During use you but often wonders: What does the giant iPad and whom?
The benefits that bring a larger screen with
them, be fast to disadvantages, such as when the tablet can not be held with
one hand for a longer period than a few minutes. Without appropriate Case iPad
is therefore barely usable, with this – such as the Logitech keyboard – it is
certainly a heavier companion, as there are the new MacBooks now.
But the biggest shortcoming and the biggest
missed opportunity is Apple’s dogmatic adherence to iOS including an inability
memory sticks or hard drives easily be able to connect via USB. The fact that
the large iPad still not using the mouse – if only optional – can be operated,
curtails the possibilities of the device. In addition, many companies solutions
– about CMS systems – continue to depend on Flash and other web technologies
and scripts that are not supported by the iPad unlike Macbooks.

Searched Innovation

Apple would have linked the iPad Pro with a
new software access, the benefits of iOS and Mac OSX, and interfaces with other
iPads never were under discussion, can create real added value for business
users. At the end it was decided to – unfortunately, as so often in recent
years – for safe and proven variant. That the very concept of Steve Jobs
ridiculed the pin was presented by his followers as a great innovation, fit
into this picture. The bottom line remains: the iPad Pro is a great iPad. No
more and no less.
The iPad Pro is available in three colors:
Silver, Gold, Space Grey. The 32 gigabyte model will cost 899 euros, for 128 GB
of memory you need to put 1079 euros on the table. Who wants to have with LTE
connection an iPad Pro, have to spend even 1229 Euros. The smaller model is
equipped with wireless LAN function.
Apple markets its 12.9 inch giant tablet iPad
Pro as notebook and desktop replacement. In truth, it’s just a big iPad. No
more and no less.


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