Apple iOS 10.3.2 Beta Bugs Cause The Device To Crash And Freeze

The iOS has crashed at boot time and suddenly restarted when a sequence of operations on the iPhone was made at the same time. In recent times, additional bugs have been reported that freeze the feature and cause programs to load continuously.

This bug appears on iOS 10.3.2 beta. The problem arises mainly due to the Control Center. Fortunately, this situation cannot happen in the accidental way.

The Control Center is one of the launch features of the iOS 7 operating system, allowing users to easily perform tasks such as airplane mode, WiFi, or Bluetooth.

To test reproduced above error, You must take the following steps: Open the Control Center, in turn select the features in the menu such Alarm Clock (clock alarm mode), Calculator (PC), Camera (shooting Photo), and Night Shift (night mode). Use all three fingers to click at the same time on the features.

The iPhone stops working for a few seconds, then automatically loads continuously and will resume normal operation. However, there will be times when the device does not return to the same. At this point, the user must restart completely by hand.

The bug that caused the iPhone to stop working and forcing the reboot was not the first time that it appeared. In 2015, making error detection device crash when receiving a private message from the Messages application. A year later, clicking on the links on Safari caused the program to freeze and crash on the iOS.

Enabling multiple Control Center functions simultaneously frozen the program and forced the device to reboot.


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