Right To Repair

Apple's devices are undoubtedly hard to repair - and are not alone. Repair service providers in the US demand that Apple at least spare parts and repair instructions. Against a corresponding law project, however, not only Apple.

What do Apple and the tractor manufacturer John Deere have in common? Both are allegedly against the plans of the US Federal Nebraska to establish there by law a "right to repair" (Right to Repair). Although it is only a law draft, but according to a report of the motherboard website Apple wants to proceed against it.

If the draft was to be a law, Apple and other manufacturers of any technical equipment could be required to provide repair instructions and spare parts, including repairs, to dealers who were not authorized by the manufacturer. The company iFixit, for example, lives by creating unofficial repair instructions and selling tools for opening the devices.

According to the report, Apple intends to move against the planned law at the beginning of March 2017. How this should happen, does not yet seem quite clear. Either lobbyists should take over this task or employees of the group. Motherboard, however, has only one anonymous source for this claim.

In addition to Apple but there are other companies like AT & T or John Deere, who reject the plans. Thus, built-in rechargeable batteries could be damaged if unauthorized persons screw around. That would be a danger.

Not only in Nebraska, but also in allegedly seven other US federal states, corresponding legislative proposals lie in the drawers, says motherboard.

In New York, such a bill was already rejected. Whether this was due to the good lobbying of Apple and other companies is not proven.
The initiative comes not from consumer protectionists, but from the members of the repair company association Repair.org, which wants to build a lucrative business.

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