Although more than 200,000 people in a
petition against the abolition of the 3.5-mm jack voted the iPhone 7, Apple is
unlikely to be swayed to give up the connection when the smartphone can thereby
be thinner and waterproof. Now, certainly as usual headphones when iPhone 7
accompanied, however, with Lightning interface. But according to 9to5Mac report, Apple also working on a wireless in-ear model that is then connected via
Bluetooth and has its own battery.
Wireless In-Ear Headphones for iPhone 7
This will probably be charged as the new
Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse 2 by Lightning, possibly via a supplied battery,
which serves as a transport box. The previously available headphone models of
this type maintain namely with their tiny batteries just a few hours. In the
vast majority of Bluetooth headsets a cable between the two earplugs but is
currently used, so they can go, for example, while running is not lost. Apple
wants to give the report referred to, based on insider information, in its own
in-ears on a connecting cable. Motorola has the hint model already shown us
that it will work.
Supposedly the new headphones feature a
so-called anti-noise system. This monotonous noise like something the noise can
be reduced on the train or fly via counter sound. However, it would be very
unrealistic that wireless in-ears are the iPhone 7 easy to pack. They should
come as expensive accessories in the trade.


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