Apple has clearly spoken out against the British bill for
network monitoring. According to the company's plans would inhibit the global
technology sector, provoking international conflicts. The US company has shared
their assessment on Monday writing a committee of the London Parliament.
British Monitoring Plans Investigatory Power Bill

The British government is planning to grant far-reaching
rights for the monitoring of the Internet under the terms "fight against
terrorism" and "fight against organized crime", the police and
secret services. According to the plans of the Conservative Home Secretary
Theresa May then also Internet activities of certain users should be monitored,
without having to obtain a warrant.

Among other things, the bill under the name of Investigatory
Power Bill (IP) is running the right to require Internet companies that these
details about each individual website call for each user store long for one
year and hand them over at the request of the authorities. With this design,
police and intelligence services would potentially have access to the entire
internet communication between users.
In a letter to the committee responsible Apple stressed
"when trying to combat a few evildoers", threatening the
Investigatory Power Bill (IP) "law-abiding citizens to violate" as
the Irish Independent quoted from the eight-sided input. Thus, the draft would
weaken the built-in Apple products protection systems and bring all customers
at risk. "Any process which weakens the mathematical models for the
protection of user data is automatically weaken the entire protection
system," says Apple.
According to the IT giants this would paralyze the IT sector
and "serious international conflict trigger".


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