A recent security update for OS X has ensured that the
Ethernet port on some iMac and MacBook Pro models no longer functioning. Apple
users indicated that they could lay no longer connect through the Ethernet
port. The problems appeared to be caused by the log data from the file:
Incompatible Kernel Extension Configuration Data, with version 3.28.1.
“If the Ethernet connection on your Mac stopped working
recently, check System Information to find out which version of
“Incompatible Kernel Extension Configuration Data” is installed. If you
have version 3.28.1, you need an update. If you can connect to WiFi, your Mac
will update to version 3.28.2 automatically, or you can follow the steps below
to restore it manually. “
Apple has stated that it is aware of the difficulties with
this file, and has also released a new version, with version 3.28.2, according
to a support page, which Apple put online. The easiest is to retrieve the
latest version via WiFi, but for those who have no wireless internet on their
device, there is also a published roadmap. Thus the Ethernet connection should
be brought back up and running, and can still run the software update.
While the exact cause of the problems is located unknown.
Although Apple has confirmed that the software update for problems caused
nothing about the technical background brought out. Apple recognizes the
problem and has published a solution. 


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