Apple has against confirmed
the native of Zurich Entwicklerstudio FaceShift to have bought. Further
information on the takeover has made ​​none of the companies. FaceShift has
specialized to transmit facial movements in real time by actors in CG
The systems can even without the otherwise
mostly conventional markers on the face of the human performer. Instead, the
actor can carry about a relatively small helmet with a camera, which is an
advantage, inter alia, with fast movements in the motion capture studio.
Apple Confirms Acquisition Of FaceShift

When exactly FaceShift bought, is unclear. In
the games, the deal is considered fallow since the summer of 2015 as an open
secret. For some games studios he means that they have to look for
alternatives. The employee FaceShift are now working from Europe for Apple -
what is not known. You last the awakening of power, so the next Star Wars film,
worked among others.

FaceShift originated in 2011 as a spin-off of
a Swiss university. In 2013, the company has established an office in San
Francisco with a former employee of Electronic Arts and Industrial Light &
Magic. The company has never sought the presence of the general public, but was
regularly represented at conferences such as the Game Developers Conference.


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