Apple is currently planning to certify a new connector type UAC for accessories for the iPhone, iPad and other Apple products through the Made-for-iPhone program (MFi). The new type is called "Ultra Accessory Connector" (UAC) and has recently been presented as part of a developer preview, but UAC Lighting and USB-C could be replaced.

Within the developer preview it was announced that the new Ultra Accessory Connector has 8 pins and a dimension of 2.05 mm x 4.85 mm. This is even smaller than a Lightning or USB-C connector. According to 9to5Mac, the new connector has also been certified by Apple for the Made-for-iPhone program.

The specifications show that the UAC was designed for headphone cables and accessories manufacturers could provide different cables. For example, lightning-to-UAC, USB-to-UAC or 3.5 mm jack-to-UAC cables are possible.

The "Ultra Accessory Connector" connector could be used to charge accessories or to provide audio, such as Apple's beats headphones to the new connector, a mix of lightning and microUSB ports on the wireless headphones, The new port would only need a connection to the headphones and could at the same time store and listen to music.

Ultra Accessory Connector is the name for an existing port, which is used primarily where digital cameras. On request, Apple betrayed that the UAC under no circumstances the Lightning port would like to replace or this connection with its devices will be used. It has only been certified to provide an intermediate solution for headphone cables.


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