in the Google subsidiary nest removed from its online store and retail
stores. The iPhone maker has confirmed that he will no longer offer the nest
products in the Apple stores for sale. The company from Cupertino has confirmed
that it will no longer offer the nest products in the Apple stores for sale. This
decision seems to be that are compatible with Apple's Smart Home HomeKit
solution in connection with the market launch of products. 
Apple banned nest products from online and retail stores

Apple offers for example the thermostat Ecobee 3 in the Apple Stores, which is
in direct competition with the thermostat from the home nest. The Ecobee 3
measures the room temperature can perceive whether someone is at home and can
therefore regulate the heating. The thermostat can be controlled via Apple's
Siri voice assistant.

has happened already often those Apple third-party products from Apple stores
away. It is not the first time that Apple third-party products removed from the
stores. Shortly after Apple Watch was announced, Apple then took out some
fitness products from the Apple Store, Fitbit and Jawbone can be removed from
the Apple Stores. In June the Group of Cupertino again products from Jawbone
took on the other hand in its range. Because of litigation Apple had in the
meantime also removes products by manufacturer Bose from its range. 


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