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It was revealed that while acquiring facial recognition technology on the new iPhone to be released as early as 2017, Apple acquired an Israeli company developing face recognition technology.

Apple is now  acquired the RealFace company is developing a face recognition technology using AI. Although the purchase price is not disclosed, it is expected to be "several million dollar scale". RealFace is a startup founded in 2014, the founder of Adi Eckhouse Barzilai and Aviv Mader.

With the technology developed by the company, it becomes possible to install biometric authentication function using the user's face and iris on a smartphone or computer. According to the Israeli corporate database “Start-Up Nation Central", RealFace is a small company with 10 employees, and it seems that there are sales of 1 million dollars. Major business partners are China, Israel, Europe, America and so on.

It is unknown how RealFace technology actually is reflected, but from the timing when this acquisition was announced, it is not easy to install the function developed by RealFace on the new iPhone of 2017 autumn to invite. However, as the demand for security measures increases, mounting of face recognition technology seem not to be such a distant future.


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