Apple has been called into question in a new process in which
it applies a fine the Cupertino company worth 5 million dollars in damages for
intentionally slowed down the performance of previous generations of the
iPhone, supporting the latest models out on the market.
Apple Accused of Deliberately Slowing Down the Old iPhone

The lawsuit was filed by a lawyer who brought together a
group of 100 owners of iPhone 4s , who complained after upgrading their
smartphone to the latest software available for iOS, which Apple would
voluntarily slowed down the performance of the device for entice users to
purchase a model more ‘recently.
After running the software update, the iPhone 4S users
participating in the lawsuit are apparently become so slow as to be unusable in
normal, day after day. Both native applications Apple and third-party daily
became more ‘slow to load, to the point of crashing more and more’ often. According
to the indictment, this decline continued performance of the software would
take Apple to encourage users to update their old devices with the new iPhone.
The indictment goes further, arguing that Apple he lies in
publicizing the installation of a new software update. While the included
information that users are advised to read before downloading and installing an
update promises faster performance, greater safety, longer battery life, and
new features for the app, those notes are missing warn of possible
compatibility issues on older devices such as the iPhone 4S.
Some time ago it was also released a report that, after some
tests, is proven the existence of what has been dubbed the ‘ syndrome iPhone
slow ‘leading many iPhone owners to question the performance of your iPhone by
every time Apple launches a new model.
Although the decline in performance can ‘be a psychological
factor in the minds of users, unfortunately we cannot give that right to those
who filed the lawsuit against Apple, as more’ times it was proved that the
previous generation iPhone that Apple claims to be Compatible with the most
‘recent software version iOS actually turn out to be more’ slow and
malfunction, with performance that greatly worsen in virtually all fields. 
only do users of iPhone 4s have complained about the decrease in performance
when they updated the software to their mobile iOS 9, but problems were
reported a year earlier, when the device has received the update to iOS 8.
Problems encountered relate to the use of smartphones on all fronts, slow
result in any transaction, even when making a simple call.


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