The new Apple 4th Generation TV is after years of
development, a worthy successor to the multimedia box of March 2012. With the
small black box allows the TV to provide fresh content and apps, bring games,
music and movies on the TV screen. However, Apple TV is missing something that
other set-top boxes have, namely a browser. This delivers to a resourceful
developer, however, the hopes are equal to zero, that Apple must accommodate
his browser in the App Store.
Apple 4G TV, Homemade TVOS Browser Installed on Streaming Box

Between the new track of Drake and an episode of the popular
series one might perhaps even go to the Apple TV to the Internet shortly. But
Apple did not appear to integrate before the Safari browser in the set-top box.
And because this is so, the Dutch programmer jvanakker homemade to work and
developed its own browser for Apple TV.

The developer has the programming UIWebView (hosted on github) used that is in
the Apple TV operating system TVOS. This interface is actually because that
Internet content such as Web pages can be displayed in Apps. For TVOS a
function is not provided for such, which is why the official Safari browser
will probably never belong to the Offer in Apple TV. 
Anyway, has managed jvanakken
quite amazing: With the Remote Siri can scroll across the screen and with a tap
on the touchpad activates the cursor. With the Play button allows typing the
web address while the menu button exits the browser and returns to the main
view. So quite mature, and not officially anyway, the whole is not. To be so on
the TV to the Internet, so far has still AirPlay as a pleasant solution.


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