Scientists have managed to develop an algorithm that can
distinguish between vibrations caused by everyday use and by actual
earthquakes. The app would work best if the phone on a flat surface such as a
table is located. If more than sixty percent of MyShake users perceive the same
vibrations within a certain area, it can be assumed that there was actually an
earthquake coming. According to Ars Technica Code should be at least an
earthquake measuring five on the Richter scale.
myshake android app
The Berkeley Seismological Laboratory at the California
University has developed an Android app called MyShake, which can be used as an
early warning system for earthquakes. The app is effective within 10 kilometers
from the epicenter of the earthquake.
At present, an Android version of the app is only available
in the Play Store. This would, according to the makers consume little energy
and memory while running in the background. It is unclear how and where the
data of the app are precisely recorded and analyzed.
This app is not the first attempt to predict earthquakes via
smartphones. Last year came from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory with a
similar plan. This idea, however, is distinguished it, because actually
developed a working app that can detect less severe earthquakes.


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