Anti-Surveillance Case

Edward Snowden has developed Anti-Surveillance Case together with a hardware hobbyist a shell for the iPhone that displays on a display if the device secretly transmits data and whether the radio modules operate.

Edward Snowden and hardware hacker Andrew "Bunnie" Huang have jointly developed a case for iPhones that should display on a display if the device establishes a radio link - and no matter what antenna: are both GPS, LTE, WLAN and Bluetooth monitored, currently there is only one concept design and no hardware to see. Thewill still drag on at least half a year, so that only in 2017 can be expected with a functional model of the Anti-Surveillance Case.Anti-Surveillance CaseThe aims of the two are journalists. You should be able to thus ensure that their smartphone in airplane mode also really quiet and not about any builds. The behavior is not so much influenced by the distrust of Apple but will phentermine help to debunk hacked iPhones rather. A malware could ensure that is blithely sparked despite Airplane mode is enabled. That would be particularly dangerous because GPS since .3 is no longer disabled when the phone is in airplane mode.

The shell works on quite peculiar way. It monitors diagnostic interfaces on the board of the iPhone, which monitor the of the SIM. The SIM is inserted into the shell and connected via an adapter with the iPhone. This should then work just as usual. We are eager to see if the hardware can find enough financial support to be built. It is not yet known whether there will be a crowdfunding project and what will cost the Anti-Surveillance Case.


  1. In my opinion the Fed will must allow the use this anti surveillance case as it doesn’t allow security agencies to find out their required data related with the national security issues. Anti surveillance case will not be anymore useful when it will not be allowed to be used as it will make a conflict with national security protocols.
    Thanks for sharing this helpful info …


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