Android Pay is still a rather new payment service, with which
you now theoretically at Aldi and Lidl directly wirelessly (NFC) on thesmartphone could pay. But this is not possible because Android Pay is only
available in the United States so far. But Google announced today that this
will change in the coming year and Android Pay is made ​​available in other
parts of the world. In the spring you start first with Australia, published on official blog post.
Android Pay

Android Pay for Canada Users?

Is Android Pay comes to Canada? Unfortunately, anyone does
not answer this question today. One announces Android Pay while for other
countries, where it will be available later in 2016, unfortunately again no

Android Pay for Worldwide?

“We’re also taking the first step to bring the convenience of
Android Pay to Android users across the globe. In the first half of 2016,
Android Pay will arrive in Australia. We’re working closely with many of
Australia’s major financial institutions—including ANZ, Westpac and many other
banks—with the aim of bringing Android Pay to their MasterCard and Visa card
holders. You will be able to use Android Pay wherever NFC payments are accepted
in the country, including merchants such as 7-Eleven, McDonald’s and Telstra.”
Apple Pay and Google Pay are Required Worldwide

I hope that Canada will receive as large and important market
for Google in the coming year as Android Pay. At least some large chains of
discounters and other stores are already ready for this. If Google Pay and Apple Pay enter times more gas, the Canada retail sector would respond quickly.


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