Google officially released latest Android 6.0 OS in October of
this year, but still some time away from the release how much it gain real
popularity, only 0.5% android devices equipped the latest Android 6.0 operating
as of early December. According to current market share of Android
system, the future of further spread is not difficult. However, at this time we
expect the next version of Android system, which is Android 7.0 or Andrews N,
seems a bit early. But the good news is that there has news on this version of
the operating system to flow out.
Android 7.0 Multitasking Split-Screen
Currently Google tablet Pixel C team ready to answer users
questions in the forum Reddit, during the discussion, Google consumer hardware
director Andrew Bowers said that they are committed to the next version of
Android, which is the Android 7.0 or Andrews N join a of group new features,
and including the recent popular split-screen display and private mode. Although there are
already some Android phones equipped with a split-screen multitasking feature,
such as the Samsung Galaxy Note series, but these are autonomous mobile phone
manufacturers to customize the system to add features, not all native Android.
I believe that if Andrews 7.0 system to natively support split-screen mode,
will have a better performance in the operating experience and fluency.
In addition, Andrew Bowers also said they are trying to solve
the current of life issues to resolve Pixel C, given the power problem, Google
does not support double-click on the screen to wake and "OK Google"
Voice features Pixel C, and if we solve it one problem, the latter will be
supported through the form of a software update.


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