AirPods Now in BlackPods colors, Take The Edding Away

With "magic caps" Wireless AirPods, Apple has managed to satisfy and meet almost all buyers: a recent study by Techpinions on the index of acceptance of this product has shown that as many as 98% of buyers (16% "satisfied" and 82% "very satisfied"), they consider themselves satisfied with your purchase. A real record for Apple in 2015, had reached the 95% level of satisfaction with Apple Watch.

In addition, AirPods beat by far the first iPhone in 2007, instead got a 92% satisfaction, but they can also excel in another particular ranking by techpinions, called Net Promoter Score. This indicates the possibility that users advise the product to others: AirPods got the score of 75, a remarkable achievement.

To make it so satisfied users are mainly the sound quality, battery life, the convenience and the coupling mechanism, many of the respondents were impressed by the ease of pairing compared to many other Bluetooth headsets.

There is, however, something that users demand in a loud voice: 82.5% of consumers would take a greater control over the content via the touch AirPods, such as being able to raise or lower the volume with tap or slide, the current function attributed to Siri or Apple Watch.


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