AirPods Now in BlackPods colors, Take The Edding Away

Apple also offers the iPhone 7 also in black, why not BlackPods, but the AirPods are available only in white housing color. A third party makes a business from it and colors the earphones.

Designer Martin Hajek had earlier this year some render pictures published, the black AirPods show with charging case. Apple, on the other hand, offers the Bluetooth headphones only in white. But now a company from the USA has pity on coloring the earphones.

BlackPods colors the AirPods

The BlackPods company from New York wants to offer the AirPods in black. The loading case is also to be dyed, in both cases only a scratch-resistant ink application is to be carried out. How durable this is, can only show a test.

The black AirPods will cost 100 US dollars and that is only the price for the repainting. The AirPods themselves must be registered for this. BlackPods also wants to offer a complete package for 250 US dollar.

Currently, of BlackPods only US customers served, but that could soon change. It is to be expected that also other companies will jump on the train and in turn make paint offers. The AirPods have already called other designers on the scene. For the charging unit there are several stickers that make it a dental floss container.


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