the first time in 10 years, Facebook is redesigning its logo. But the novelty
it should not have much impact on most of the users - the changes consist of
refinements in typography, and the traditional "F" logo, which
most often on the icons and pages of social networking, will remain the

change was noted by Brand New Underconsideration, specializing in analysis of
company brands, which argues that the changes were "quite dramatic".
The new logo was designed in collaboration by Facebook own internal design team
and Eric Olson, responsible for developing the Klavika source used in the
previous logo.
Facebook Logo Has Been Changed
the words of Josh Higgins, chief creative officer of Facebook: "When
Facebook logo was first created in 2005 by Joe Kral and Cuban Council using
Process Type Foundry’s Klavika, the company was just starting. Now that we are
established, we set out to modernize the logo to make it more friendly and
approachable. Although we have explored many directions at the end we decided
we needed just an update, not a complete overhaul."

to Christophe Tauziet, product designer of Facebook, the new logo will begin to
be used "soon" in the company's products and services.


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