For that now I provide banner advertising slot for those who are interested to put banner ads at the LabLance.Com to increase online business you are doing. Well for those who are interested please choose slots below for storage of your product banner.

Ad slot types available:

  • 1 slot Leaderboard – size (728 x 90) – $100/month (featured on the homepage and post page)
  • 1 slot Sidebar – size (300 x 250) – $80/month
  • 4 slot Sidebar – size (125 x 125) – $80/month
  • 1 slot Under Title Post – size (468 x 60) – $70/month
  • 1 slot Under Post Content – size (336 x 250) – $70/month

Terms and conditions of ad:

  • The ad does not contain pornography and spamming.
  • Creative are created by advertisers.
  • All forms of advertising material is entirely the responsibility of the advertiser, Admin Company is not responsible for the Magic in the future if there are problems with creative.
  • Substitution banner ad can only be done one month.
  • Ads will be served after receipt of payment.
  • The duration of at least 2 months advertising.
  • The payments cannot be refunded.
  • Admin has the right to reject ads to be installed if there is an element mentioned in the first point.
  • Rates, terms and conditions are subject to change at any time.

How the message:

  • Select the type of slot (Leaderboard, Top Sidebar, Sidebar 300×250, 125×125 Sidebar, Post Title Down, and Down Post)
  • Set up a banner in accordance with the slot size you choose jpeg, png and gif.
  • Attach URL of your blog / website (link destination click on the banner)
  • Transfer the cost of advertising in accordance with the slot that you select and the length of ad views (at least 2 months)

Sponsored Post Association

There are fix price of $250/post for pre-written sponsored post for tenure of 6 months. Having “no follow” links and we do not include social promotion activities.

For those of you, who are interested in advertising or Sponsored post, please contact HERE.