Fair , together with Adobe to the Third Annual Report on AdBlock presented
-use. From the perspective of publishers and advertisers, this results in a
grim picture: In June 2015, 198 million people have regularly used an ad
blocker - that represents an increase of 44 percent compared to the same period
last year. In Europe, the proportion rose to at least still 33 percent to 77
million active monthly AdBlock users. In Germany meanwhile put nearly 25
percent of web users Adblocker.
AdBlocker continue on the rise

The authors of the study have also concerned
with how much money content providers and advertisers go through the increasing
use of promotional blockers through their fingers. They estimate that the cost
in 2015 will add to the world nearly 22 billion US dollars. By 2016, the
picture from Publisher-view looks even gloomier: Overall then even to 41.4
billion US dollars lost by AdBlocker experience.

affected to varying degrees by AdBlock usage

loss of revenue falls according to the study, depending on the industry
differently from. Worst hit the gaming sector, followed by social networks and
the technology and Internet sector. In general, the study concludes that ad
blockers are used primarily by young, tech-savvy men.

1.6 percent of smartphone and tablet users employ an ad blocker. That's
publishers and advertisers benefit insofar as mobile devices already account
for 38 percent of the web traffic. However, the AdBlock user numbers could
increase significantly even here. Especially Safari iOS 9 is the first time to
support ad blocker. The Apple browser currently makes 52 percent of the mobile
browser market.

What can the
advertising industry and publishers learn from the study?

part of its AdBlock study the makers surveyed also 400 Americans, why should
use an ad blocker. Half of the respondents stated that they want to protect
themselves against unwanted tracking so by the advertising industry.
Paradoxically said ten percent, they would use an ad blocker, if the industry
is not better at it is to coordinate targeted advertising to their needs.

industry and dependent on advertising revenues Publisher will continue to have
to deal with the problems. If the current trends continue well beyond 2016, it
is the long term closely for free and independent content on the web.


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